Gambling is legal in the UK and heavily regulated in the United States, allowing opportunities for legal soccer betting once you learn how to navigate the legitimate options. And even areas where you find legal gambling, you will still find legislation that deals with a range of betting activities, scenarios, monetary issues, etc. It's a minefield to work your way through, but we strive to deliver this information to you in a current, user-friendly format that's easily digestible.


The United States of America has long had a history of prohibiting activities deemed sinful. While some today might spin this into a monetary decision, e.g. funding for unsavory outfits, the fact of the matter is that gambling legislation is born the sin police mentality.

In 2006, the USA hit online gambling hard with the UIGEA, and the DOJ deemed in recent years that the Federal Wire Act applies to sports betting, effectively prohibiting any type of US based sports betting.

The PASPA law limits land based sports betting to four specific destinations: Nevada, Delaware, Montana and Oregon.

While federal legislation is very ambiguous regarding horse racing, and while it allows for fantasy football, the language is quite clear as it pertains to activities like US based online sports betting. It is strictly prohibited. However all of these federal laws are targeting gambling operators and payment processors.

So, basically, the legislation attacks purveyors of gambling, not gamblers themselves. These laws also have no bearing on the legally licensed, offshore sportsbooks that accept USA players. Learn more from our page dedicated to US soccer betting laws. In addition, we have a page that covers the other elements involved with legal USA soccer betting.

Top Ranked Legal Online Soccer Betting Sites For 2024

Bovada Sportsbook 50% Signup Bonus

Licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission in Canada, Bovada Sportsbook is the leading USA friendly soccer betting site. They offer new players a 50% match deposit bonus up to $250 on your first deposit. They also have seasonal promotions for nearly every type of sports venue to keep you coming back. They are legally licensed and regulated to provide services to USA players.

Betonline Sportsbook 50% Signup Bonus

BetOnline obtained their licensing from Panama City, Panama, and is very transparent with verification of their legitimacy to operate within the industry, which is a clear sign that they aren't trying to hide anything. They accept both US and UK players, and offer all players a 25% match deposit bonus for the life of their account. This means free money every time you make a deposit into your account!! 50% Signup Bonus

Also licensed out of Panama City, Panama, is the sister site to BetOnline. They deliver the same great 25% lifetime bonus offer and the same wide range of soccer betting lines, odds and paylines, all comparable with the Vegas bookmakers. This site has earned a reputation for taking good care of their customers and fast payouts from an efficient banking suite.

Bookmaker 100% Signup Bonus

Bookmaker is a leading sportsbook brand that has been legally licensed in the business since 1997. They are fully compliant with the laws of the government of Costa Rica, which is governing body that administers their licensing and regulatory oversight. New players will be eligible for a welcome bonus that is a 100% match bonus up to $300 on your first deposit.


Soccer betting technically falls directly under sports betting. Although many experts argue that there is skill involved and not simply chance as with a slot machine or roulette, sports are still considered to be games of chance and thus US based soccer betting houses are illegal outside of authorized and regulated zones, which would include Las Vegas, Delaware, Oregon and Montana, and US based soccer betting sites are illegal throughout the country. However, this does not mean you have limited options. As an individual, you are free to bet 'til your heart's content so long as you can find a site, licensed and regulated site with which to bet, which is precisely the type of information this guide provides.

America's confusing and contradicting gambling laws have actually helped online sportsbooks increase in size, scope and reach. Since laws for betting on soccer affect businesses and not individuals, an individual is free to pursue any offshore website that allows them to place a wager.


Although the crusaders who essentially gave birth to the prohibition mentality, the British have long been more progressive on gambling than the Americans. Since 1960, the UK has allowed for legal yet regulated sports betting within the nation, and only a couple of years ago these laws were restated with the modern Internet in mind. Today's average UK resident should have no trouble finding a site or on-location bookmaker with which to bet. This guide provides recommendations for industry leading, top rated licensed online sportsbooks for UK players. We also have a page that is dedicated to examining UK soccer betting laws. For information about betting on soccer in the UK in general, you can visit our page on legal UK soccer betting for an inside look at the industry and how to navigate it successfully.

Although allies who share the same language, much of the same culture, and even a lot of the same genetic code, America and the UK are worlds apart in terms of gambling attitudes. If you live in the UK, revel in the fact that you can gamble online openly and freely.

With this resource, we will work to keep you apprised of all the goings-on pertaining to gambling legislation. If there's a new law in the US or UK involving gambling, you will hear about it here first. This resource is designed specifically to help you locate safe venues with which to place your soccer bets. If something comes down the pike that threatens that, or even something that improves it, we will let you know immediately.