Throughout this site thus far, we have touched on the legality of soccer betting in the US a few times. The reason for this redundancy isn't so much to fill up space, but rather to drive our main point home: It's our mission to lead you to safe and legally licensed gambling venues that represent your viable options for legal USA soccer betting options. We recommend highly that you always exercise caution when betting, and that not only means watching the amounts you wager, but also the places with which you wager. We don't want you wandering into some back alley bookmaker's website and placing illegal bets. So, we really take strides to fully emphasize the various gambling laws so that you can make an informed, legal decision. We have provided the same type of guides for UK players, including a page on legal UK soccer betting and a page on UK soccer betting laws.

We have spoken generally about some soccer betting laws previously. Now, let's get into some of the specifics of sports betting in the US and its legality.


There are three main pieces of legislation we're going to touch on throughout this page, each of which impacts sports betting and gambling in general in different ways. We will take a look at each of them to provide clear and concise information about what they really mean and whether or not they really impact players and their gambling options. This information is naturally not designed to replace any type of legal advice or services. We are simply providing some groundwork for you to gain understanding of the legal status of online gambling for USA players.

Top USA Online Sportsbooks To Bet Soccer Games Legally In 2024

Each of these sportsbooks are legally liicensed and offer excellent bonuses for new players looking to bet on soccer.

Bovada Sportsbook 50% Signup Bonus

Bovada is one of the legal online sportsbooks that accept USA players and offer a variety of betting services to United States residents. In fact, Bovada caters exclusively to US residents. New customers will receive a 50% match deposit bonus that is worth up to $250 on your first deposit. You will also find a strong selection of soccer betting lines to choose from.

Betonline Sportsbook 50% Signup Bonus

Sports fans seeking a legally licensed online sportsbook that offers soccer betting options will find themselves right at home at BetOnline Sportsbook. All players receive a 25% match bonus up to $1000 on every deposit you ever make into your account, as well as access to their advanced betting features such as live betting, and mobile sports betting. 50% Signup Bonus

Another legally licensed and regulated online sportsbook offering soccer betting lines to US players is Their 25% lifetime bonus offer sets them apart, and their very substantial range of soccer betting lines and wagering options keeps players coming back for more. They are a part of the same gambling network as their sister site BetOnline.

Bookmaker 100% Signup Bonus

When it comes to reliable and high quality legal online sportsbooks offering soccer betting options to USA players, Bookmaker easily comes to mind. Their current welcome bonus is a 100% match up to $300 on your first deposit. They have a very nice mobile sportsbook that also offers all of their soccer being lines, wagering options and features, and access to your account.


Effective since being passed into law in 1961, the Interstate Wire Act, known colloquially as the Federal Wire Act, is a federal law which prohibits betting businesses in the United States from operating using wire communications; e.g. sending funds over a wire. US based businesses are prohibited from sending or receiving money for gambling purposes, and anyone caught in violation of this act could face up to two years in prison and some pretty hefty fines. In 2011, the Department of Justice essentially stood behind this Act as a deterrent for gambling, stating that the Act's reach extends only to those using wire communications to exchange money via interstate transmissions as related to sports betting.

The Federal Wire Act does not apply to casino gambling, poker gambling, pari-mutuel gambling, or any other type of legal gambling. This law does not prohibit US residents from enjoying legally licensed and regulated offshore soccer betting. It does prohibit any type of US based online sports betting however. This means to enjoy legal World Cup betting or any other soccer match or league wagering, you will have to ensure that the destination you choose is not a US based website.


The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, known as the UIGEA, was a huge kick in the pants to millions of online gamblers around the nation who had funds tied up in various poker, casino and sportsbook sites. The government cracked down hard on gambling with this act, and even sites that weren't directly affected subsequently started refusing service to American citizens. This Act expressly prohibits the knowing acceptance of payments in connection to gambling. E.g. if a US based business accepts money they know is for a wager, they are breaking the law.

This law does not affect players in any way, and simply places regulatory restrictions on how online gambling related transactions can be processed. The UIGEA law is directed to online gambling site operators and payment processors, and has no direct bearing on the activities of US players. This law does not make it illegal for US players to participate in legally sanctioned offshore online gambling.


The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992, known as PASPA, is essentially an Act that defines the legal status of sports betting throughout the US. Essentially, this act banned sports betting throughout the entire nation. By giving sports a certain status, it was much easier for the government to create a backdoor which made betting on sports an illegal activity for businesses, particular per the previous wire Act. Basically, all but very few states (Montana, Delaware, Oregon, and some places in Nevada) were instantly banned from businesses that allowed for betting.

The PASPA law, combined with the Federal Wire Act effectively prohibit any type of US based online or land based sports betting with the exception of those few exempted regions mentioned above. It does not, however, have any effect on the option of USA soccer fans who want to engage in legal soccer betting through licensed and regulated offshore sportsbooks.

While many have tried to change these laws, the fact of the matter is that they are not going away any time soon. The good news for those gamblers looking for ways around USA soccer betting laws is that none of these acts expressly prohibit you from betting your money where you deem fit. They all essentially make it illegal for businesses to participate in sports betting. Though if you want to look for offshore options, you are free to do so.

If there are any changes in laws pertaining to gambling going forward, we will certainly make them known. As is stands, there are many different laws prohibiting sports betting, and few if any real pieces of legislation in the works to reverse such trends.