The United States is very particular about its sports. The NFL is the undisputed king, with other leagues like the NBA, MLB and NHL following closely behind. Near the bottom of the list in professional sports is MLS – Major League Soccer. However, and quite ironically, while soccer ratings are typically hit or miss in the states, there is an awful lot of money placed on the games. It hasn't broken through the mainstream network barrier, but for Vegas odds makers, soccer is definitely the big leagues. The game is more popular over across the pond when it comes to attending and watching the games, but both US and UK gamblers do enjoy betting on soccer events, including participating in legal World Cup betting action. We have included a legal UK soccer betting guide as well specifically for providing information to our UK visitors.

Betting on soccer legally in the US is one of an American gambler's biggest concerns. After all, in a nation that often boasts of being the freest nation in the history of the world, some counties and towns don't even allow bingo games, much less anything like poker, slots, or sports betting. So how, then, would one go about legally betting on soccer in the United States?

The government in America, which seeks to heavy-handedly regulate anything involving money, is actually ironically the reason that an American can find safe ways in which to bet. You see, one of the problems with the mass amounts of legislation is that it tangles itself up. So, while someone from the United States cannot place a legal bet on a soccer sports book from, say, Virginia, they can place that bet on a site from the Virgin Islands. This loophole is exploited daily, and Americans wishing to gamble on soccer can easily find legally licensed offshore betting sites with which to place their bets.


These are the most trusted online sportsbooks that accept USA players.  Each offers fast payouts, superb variety of soccer betting lines and incredible bonuses for new and existing players alike.

Bovada Sportsbook 50% Signup Bonus

Bovada is easily one of the top rated sportsbooks that supports USA players. In fact, they cater exclusively to gamblers in the United States. They offer a 50% welcome bonus up to $250 on your first deposit, and provide soccer betting lines and odds that are just as competitive as the bookmakers in Vegas. You can also access their casino, poker room and racebook from your account.

Betonline Sportsbook 50% Signup Bonus

BetOnline Sportsbook accepts USA players and international players alike. They have gone above and beyond to ensure their American players have the support and services they need for a successful gambling experience. New Players will receive a 25% match bonus up to $1000 on their first deposit, and any deposit made thereafter. 50% Signup Bonus is another premium USA soccer betting destination that provides strong support for players in the United States through their comprehensive coverage of US sports leagues and events, and a banking suite that provides ample resources for US transactions. New players will receive a 25% bonus up to $1000 on their first deposit, and returning players will get that same bonus on all deposits for life!

Bookmaker 100% Signup Bonus

Bookmaker has been serving USA sports fans for nearly two decades, and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the playing field. They offer new players a 50% match up to $300, and a very comprehensive range of betting lines and wagering options. Their live betting features are very sophisticated, and they have a very nice mobile sports betting option as well.


There are a lot of paranoid people out there who definitely don't want to place bets. After all, many people remember the big legislation boom of a few years ago. The UIGEA, or the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, really threw a monkey wrench in a lot of people's plans, and also really affected many livelihoods. If you were a poker player prior to '06, for instance, you may have had thousands upon thousands of dollars on a site, just waiting to make a withdrawal. Suddenly…problems! Big government came flying in with their heavy handed restrictions; effectively making life harder for US based online gamblers.

The act prohibits USA businesses from knowingly accepting payments from people that will involve any type of bets or wagers. Basically the UIGEA law placed strict regulations on how online gambling transactions could be processed, and caused complications with depositing and withdrawing activity tied to online gambling accounts. But what the legislation could not cover, much to the government's dismay, was what non-US sites allowed. You can read more about how this affects US players in our guide to understanding US soccer betting laws.

The loophole exists because America cannot regulate how a site in another country chooses to do business. If there's a sportsbook abroad that wishes to accept you as a member and your money, you are free under the law to place your wagers with that site. There are no laws against you gambling as an individual. Government, as it has always done, seeks to go after establishments in an attempt to prohibit gambling at its roots.


Legal soccer betting for US residents is a reality, just not necessarily on US soil. Outside of legally legislated gambling areas like Las Vegas and Delaware, you will have to seek an offshore site with which to bet on Major League Soccer or any of the European soccer leagues. The law will not allow a site or any type of business to accept money for sports betting wagers, but it does not prohibit an individual from doing with his or her money what that individual pleases – including betting on soccer. Other applicable federal laws include the Federal Wire Act, which effectively prohibits any type of US based online sports betting, and PASPA, which restricts legal land based bookmaking services to four specific areas, including Nevada, Delaware, Oregon and Montana. Between these two sports betting specific laws, US based soccer betting options are extremely limited.

Our resource guide seeks to go into more detail about this on our page covering soccer betting laws, actually helping you by pointing you in the direction of American-friendly sites that will accept your business.